Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rain, rain and photos now available with a copy/paste

I tried to set up a slideshow on the blog to make it easier for folks to add photos. Snapfish (Thanks Connie for trying) won't seem to allow us to save to please use flicker and or send directly to annie, jay or we can all share and see. The best of all scenerios is to upload them directly from your camera to this blog under Create new post. Well I did try this and it works. Copy /paste link below and you can see connies photos. This Luddhite will keep trying to get them onto the blog slideshow directly. It's been pouring buckets here for 3 days...has put a hold on the mudding that is my project focus for this internship. I had finished the Scratch coat on the tire layer of the Firefly before it hope to finish the scratch coat there today. Then I will move onto starting the finish coat for our mayapple. I should have a picture of the chia pet effect of the Mayapple (yes the plant namesake is all one word)later today..if the rain stays away. We need it for all of the beautiful growing things and to clean these rivers of Ohio...but after a while it gets to you. I was able to see Joad's yesterday (Thanks to Annie W.) and it's a really wonderful version of any natural foods store I have been in, but a heck-of-alot cheaper.
So nice to see this store in this region, due largely to the Amish and Mennonite population who still have amazing food choices despite 50 years of mainstream food degradation influences around them.
I also got to build a gate for one of the stalls in the barn. A challenge, (and time) but I thought as my friend Charla Bowers in Olive Hill (r.i.p.), Kentucky always said " Might as well, it's too wet to plow". After a few hours and drilling my thumb... I think it is the fort knox of a goat stall...and really good feeling of accomplishment.

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