Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey Y'all,
I have been back here at Blue Rock Station since yesterday and the first thing I did was go down to see our Mayapple baby . The walls are covered with sprouts of grass in and out. Per Annie W. the seeds wait in the shafts of the oatstraw and sprout later. There was already grass growing between the stones that Susan put on the floor too. Kinda funny to see. I will try to use the Warmke camera and take a picture of it. No pictures on this site yet. Connie ( brownie points) has been the only one to send them to me yet...but being the Luddhite that I am I can't figure out how to get Flicker to allow me to load them onto the blog. Time will tell. It seems easier to do by directly uploading froma camera. So here are the directions again.
1. You got into this blog, yer doing great.
2. At the top right corner click on "Sign in"
3. put in my email address
4. Enter Jp's nickname as password
5. This should get you to The Dashboard
6. Click on mayapple Strawbale Blog ( as opposed to my annie b's eddy one)
7/. Click on "create blog or new blog or new post ( I can't seeee it:)
8. In this screen you can click on the little phot icon
9. Upload photos
10. Scroll down to publish post
11. After that goes through you can View blog...
see 11 easy steps:) Annie B.

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