Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Mayapple Family

During the week of May 23rd-May 29, 2009 a small group of folks who (like myself) wanted to learn the basics of building a basic strawbale structure , came together from various parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania,Maryland,Missouri,Florida ,Washington D.C. and Holland to land high on a ridge above the Muskingum River at a magical place called Blue Rock Station.
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Below you will find pictures, stories, poems, rants and raves created by the learner/builders/teachers encased in mud, straw, sand, lime, sweat, laughter, fresh air, good food, high tea, inspiration and (more) clay and straw. At the close of this workshop, we were asked to vote on a name for our beautiful structure .
We chose the name Mayapple(Podophyllum peltatum),which is an amazing understory plant that thrives there in the Ohio foothills of the Appalacian Mountains.