Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3 Weeks and a day....

Well, I finished the inside of the Firefly yesterday and completed one of the outer walls with a finish coat today. I was planning on working on the last outer wall that I had spent a good deal of time making smooth and even with a scatch coat, tomorrow. But at the end of the day when I was about to quit and keel over with arm pain, Jay showed up with a new (really old) helper, Josh ,to put a finish coat on it. Josh is a neighbor who helped Annie build the Earthship when he was a younger man. Then Laura from down the road (who we all met on her land during the weeklong course) showed up and grabbed a trowel and went to work on that last wall too. It was nice for a change to have some help and company, though I didn't see it that way at first.
So the surprise was that I won't be working tomorrow after all. My amended plan was to leave on Friday until I found out Annie was leaving for Comfest on Thursday.
Then Annie announced that they were going over to Greg's ( remember him and his tiny John Deere windmill?) tomorrow night to help him start his project. Being as run down and physically exhausted as I am (see previous meltdown blog and I actually feel as if I have something like mono that I havent felt since college days) I couldn't imagine having enough energy to go over there and start pounding tires. Sooo, I decided if they weren't going to be here tomorrow anyway, I would end my camping and working trip even earlier. I am leaving tomorrow and it will be really hard to leave everyone here (all animals included) and go back to Columbus, but it is time to go.
I will forever be grateful for Annie and Jay for giving me the opportunity to hands-on-learn and practice these plastering skills at this time of (in- betweeness) in my life. I can finally stop saying, "I have had a 15 year dream of building a strawbale house". No, It's not mine, but when I find the landowner who will sell me an acre, I'll be darn ready by golly, to build my own. I was also able to build a gate in the goat barn and put together a list/guide for them of "The Traditional, Folk and Medicinal Uses of Plants of Blue Rock Station". I hope to lead a Night hike here( July 11th) and do a Medicine Walk (July 25th) if folks indeed sign up.
So it looks like Josh has a new job helping to finish our Mayapple project.
Many hands working on these things is good karma all around. I would have liked to get my hands on it myself, but the reality is I really need a paying job too now. So
tomorrow I will cry and say see ya later ( but never Goodbye) and drive the old black truck with an amazing feeling of accomplishment in my heart, down the highway to the rest of my life.

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